Poems & Songs

Written by Sis. Vav Gauci

Thy Love

Thy Love is a new song in my heart
That sees the way now clear
Thy Love wills on others to impart
And casts away all fear.

The Love is the earnest of my heart
The hope no man can give
Thy Love is Redemptions Open Book
That tells me - I shall live!

Thy Love is a mighty conquering power
A powerful two-edged sword
Thy Love is the Message of the Hour
The Spirit and the Word.

Thy Love is, in Gilead, a balm
Brought forth on Eagles Wings
Thy Love on the storms of life, is calm
And Bread from Heaven brings.

Thy Love is a joy no man can give
A strength I did not know
Thy Love is the impulse of my heart
That makes me onward go.

Thy love is the path I choose to take
Though narrow it may be
A portion huge of heav'n now awaits
For all eternity.

Thy Love is the Promise of new life
That one day changed I'll be
Thy Love is the calling of Thy Wife
Thy Love is You and me.

Thy Love is this water from the rock
That's flowing from Thy throne
The honey, oil and the fire
That all will lead me home.

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Even thus shall it be in the day when the Son of man is revealed.
Luke 17:30