Poems & Songs

Written by Sis. Pam Murrell

Perfect Love [1 Cor. 13]

Though I speak with tongues of Angels, sell my goods to feed the poor,
Though I make myself a sacrifice layed out at Heaven's Door,
Though I read my Bible daily, learn a dozen Psalms, or more,
Everything I do is nothing without love!
Though I understand all mysteries and the Scriptures I can prove,
Though I have the Faith of Abraham and mountains I can move,
If I turn my back on sinners, then it only goes to prove,
All the works of man are nothing without love!
Love is patient, kind and gentle,love is never filled with pride,
Love puts every other need before her own.
Love will always give a helping hand to someone in distress,
And hold them up before the Father's Throne.
For all prophecies will fail, and tongues of Angels cease one day
And the knowledge that we hold so dear, will vanish right away,
And though faith and hope and love endure, and conquer come what may
The greatest gift of all is Perfect Love!

On the lonely hill of Calvary, the 'Prince of Glory' died,
And they crucified our Saviour, with a thief on either side.
But the Blood that streamed down from His wounds, redeemed His fallen Bride,
As He gave His Perfect Sacrifice of love!
On the glorious 'Day of Pentecost', the Holy Spirit came,
And baptised all the early Church with blazing 'Tongues of Flame'
And as they preached throughout the land, the Power of Jesus' Name,
The way that they were known was by their love!
They were persecuted daily, and imprisoned for their Faith,
Some were beaten thrown to lions or crucified.
But the love that burned within their hearts, reached out to all around,
As they preached 'Redeeming Grace' to Jesus' Bride,
For all prophecies will fail, and 'Tongues of Angels' cease one day,
And the knowledge that we've held so dear, won't matter anyway!
And though faith and hope and love endure, and conquer, come what may.
The greatest gift of all is Perfect Love!

From this modern generation, God is seeking out His Bride,
His Message through His Prophet is resounding far and wide.
And soon we'll be returning Home, to reign at Jesus' side
Together in His Realms of Perfect Love!
Now the Seals have all been opened, and the time is rushing by,
The Bride is eating 'Eagle Food', and learning how to fly,
But we must love one another, for the rules of God apply,
And there's no-one going to make it without love!
We must let the Holy Spirit have the Headship in our lives,
Let Him substitute His Nature for our own!
For we know the day is coming, when our bodies will be changed,
And we'll be caught up to our Father's Throne
Then all prophecies will fail, and 'Tongues of Angels' cease that Day!
And all that isn't perfect, will be simply 'done away!
For the Perfect Word of God has come, to change this mortal clay!
And catch us Home to Realms of Perfect Love!

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Even thus shall it be in the day when the Son of man is revealed.
Luke 17:30