Poems & Songs

Written by Bro. Andy Strevens


Don't dwell on what happened in days gone by;
Don't worry about your tomorrow!
Don't muddy the future with yesterday's woes;
Or today will be filled up with sorrow!
Today can be different, It stands all alone;
It doesn't depend on what's gone;
It doesn't look forward - It doesn't look back,
It has it's own strength to draw on.
The past can never be altered -
The future may not be like you think;
But today is just now unfolding;
In life's chain it's another new link.
So let it add strength despite what occurs
And don't be cast down by it's sorrow;
For the way that you handle the cares of today
Will determine how bright your tomorrow!

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Even thus shall it be in the day when the Son of man is revealed.
Luke 17:30