Poems & Songs

Written by Sis. Pam Murrell
(Sis. Pam wrote this song a few years ago. It is a wonderful gift that God
has given to her and she says this is one of her favourite songs)

Every Single Child of God

Before this world was ever made, or life on earth began,
God dwelt alone, but in His thoughts He formed Creation's plan.
He made the sun, the moon , the stars, and all the world we see,
And in the 'Caverns of His Mind', He fashioned you and me!
Way back in God's Creative Mind, before Creation's Dawn,
Was 'Every Single Child of God', who ever would be born.

He longed to be a Father, when His Family He planned.
He yearned for us to love Him, and trust His guiding Hand.
So knowing just how weak we’d be, how all would fall from Grace,
He planned to come to earth and suffer judgment in our place.
So when before this world began, the 'Spotless Lamb' was slain,
'Every Single Child of God', was freed from sin's domain!

One moonlit night in Bethlehem, a Star shone up above,
And in a manger cold and dark, God gave His 'Gift of Love'.
The greatest gift this world has known, since life on earth began.
For in the weakness of a child, God gave Himself to man.
And somewhere in that little Child, when God was given birth,
Was 'Every Single Child of God' who'd ever live on earth!

The Child grew up, became a Man, and preached throughout the land.
He taught God's Word with Signs and Power, though few could understand.
The jealous Churchmen mocked His claims, too blind they were to see;
They nailed Him to a Roman Cross, to die on Calvary.
But hidden in our Saviour's Heart, He took down to the grave,
'Every Single Child of God', that He had died to Save!

They laid Him in a garden tomb, with stone to seal the door,
They couldn't understand their loss, nor what His death was for!
But Death nor Grave could hold our Lord, for Quickening Power returned,
And raised Him back to Life again, to Glory richly earned!
And when He broke the bands of Death, He raised in Victory,
'Every Single Child of God' to live Eternally!

He told His little faithful band that He'd return one day,
And through the Ages of the Church, men watched the skies of grey.
And now at last He's kept His Word, returned to call His Bride,
As through His Prophet's Voice He sounds His Message far and wide.
And numbered in that little Bride, from every race and creed,
Is 'Every Single Child of God' that bears the Father's Seed!

In Heaven there's a Table set for Jesus and His Bride.
And 'Every Single Child of God' will Feast there at His side
And through the 'Great Millenium Reign' our future's still assured,
For 'Every Single Child of God' will be there with the Lord.
And when the New Jerusalem in Majesty awaits,
'Every Single Child of God' will march in through Her Gates!

The Plan of God willl be complete, all sin and sorrow past,
When 'Every Single Child of God' is Home with Him at last!

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Even thus shall it be in the day when the Son of man is revealed.
Luke 17:30