Poems & Songs

Written by Sis. Pam Murrell
(Sung to the tune of 'Wind beneath my wings')

The Power Beneath Our Wings

It must have been cold that day on Calvary,
Stripped of Your clothes and left to die.
The sun hid her face, the skies grew dark,
And tears must have fallen from that angry sky!
You went to the depths to save Your Children,
To set Your Bride free from Satan's hand.
You'd done no wrong, You chose to die!
Such love we find so hard to understand!
And so Precious Jesus You're our 'Hero'!
For You've made us beggars, rich as Kings.
You've given us Wings to fly like Eagles,
And You are the Power beneath our Wings!

The 'stinger' of death was buzzing round You,
And ten thousand Angels stood around,
Waiting for You to 'Give the Word'!
Watching Your Precious Blood drain to the ground!
But You conquered death to save Your Children.
You broke all it's bands and set us free,
Cleansing Your bride from sin and shame,
You raised us up to live eternally!
So yes! Mighty Jesus You're our 'Hero'!
Such wonderful joy Your Presence brings!
You've lifted us high to fly like Eagles,
And You are the Power beneath our Wings!

Your Prophet went forth to call Your Children,
He preached in the 'hen-coops' to each brood!
Something within us heard that 'Voice',
And knew that his very Word was 'Eagle-food'!
We came from the dark to find our Father,
And followed that 'Star' that shines so bright.
From Word to Word he's led us on,
Into the glorious glow of 'Evening Light'!
You searched for Your fledglings 'Father Eagle'
Then opened our eyes to see these things.
You Screamed Out! and we could only follow,
For You are the Power beneath our Wings!

One of these days You're going to call us,
And then we shall rise with one accord!
We'll leave these bodies far behind
Caught up at last to meet our Lovely Lord!
We'll go to the Feast You've been preparing,
With all of the saints who've gone before.
And there with the Angels all around,
We'll crown You King to reign forever more!
We're longing to meet You Father Jesus,
To kneel down and thank You for these things!
We'll love You and serve You through the ages,
For You are the Power beneath our Wings!
Yes the 'Great Speckled Bird' is bound for Glory!
For You are the Power beneath our Wings!

Your children love You Father eagle.
Your children need You Father eagle.
We'll love and serve You Father eagle.
For You are the power beneath our wings.

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Even thus shall it be in the day when the Son of man is revealed.
Luke 17:30